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  • Ji sung hwang
    Competent Department :
    Subjects For Teaching :
    Main Activities

    CurrentCEO at Code Six Dance Studio, Planning Head at Star Empire

    141 project chief(The Producer of DUEX’s Lee Hyeon Do)

    Planning and General Chief at SLMusic

    15-year Career including dance activities for Kim Won Jun

    Eom Jeong Hwa, BB, Mountain, Buck, Heidi, Eom Jeong Hwa

    Park Nam Jeong, Coyote, Lee Jeong Hyeon, Yu Chae Yeong

    ChoreographyWorks for Kim Won Jun’s No. 9Alum

    Baek Ji Yeong’s Burden (Joint work with Hong Yeong Ju)

    TV Broadcasting Production of2002World Cup

    ProfessionalBaseball Team Cheerleaders for Samsung, LG and others

    2008~2012 Various Choreography Works for

    Seo In Yeong’s Album (Eye Brow Dance), Ivy’s Sonata of Temptation (Evil Dance)

    Seo Ji Yeong’ssongs, Jewelry’s songs and Brown Eyed Girls’ songs.

    Previous Choreographer and Dancer Activates for Mun Hee Jun

    Popin Hyeon Jun, Group Shinhwa, M Minwu, Super Junior

    Children of Empire’s Album, Nine Mujis’ Album, After School’s Blue Album

    Choreographer and Trainer Activities for Girl’s Generation, Super Star K-1

    Trainer Activities for Various Underage and Adult Actors and Actresses including

    Kim Su Hyeon, Jin Se Hyeon, Han Chae Ah and others

    Choreography Directors for SBS’s Show Programs

    (Fish Bread, Miracle Audition and The EntireBroadcasting Coverage on Awards)

    Performance Director and Trainer for SBS Song Festival and SBS Drama Festival

    KPop Concert Director of Domestic and Overseas Shows for Children of Empire

    Nine Mujis and others.



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After School

Brown Eyed Girls

Poppin Hyun joon

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