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Concert for opening of Korean largest Hallyu Training Center, ‘Global K Center’
Name : Admin 2014. 11. 24

Hallyu Training Center “Global K Center” expected to re-write the history of Korea’s Hallyu is to be completed in November. To celebrate the opening of ‘Global K Center’ in Gyeonggi-do English Village, Prime Concert jointly produced by MBC Music and ‘Global K Center’ will be held on November 1 along with the fashion show by Designer Park, Hye Rin designed the costumes for TV drama “Man before Flower” and many idol stars including Rain, Beast and Emblek.

The training courses of ‘Global K Center’ for international students dreaming to be the next generation’s Hallyu stars will be composed of K-Pop, K Model, K Beauty, K Drama and K Fitness. ‘Global K Center’ is fully prepared with advanced facilities such as the broadcasting and recording studios, lecturing rooms, dance practice rooms and fashion runway.

Also, the center will offer tourism products providing experience opportunities on K-Pop and professional training course to hold 20 thousand visitors yearly. Differentiated from existing ones, the center is prepared with the lodging facility for maximum 800 people’s stays so that the training is available in the safe environment blocking any harmful elements for learning. Also, there is an advantage to learn not only theories, but stage senses before debut by developing experiences on the actual stage in the concert hall in capacity of 600 audiences.


Reporter Kim, Ji Weon, Korea Economy TV