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China Central TV launched a program promoting Korea, ‘New world site trip-Attraction of Korea’
Name : Admin 2014. 11. 24

China’s broadcaster CCTV plans to produces a program to inform about Korea by containing stories over Korea’s beautiful views and large scaled programs showing various countries’ racial uniqueness, food, culture and people’s sentiment in the world.

China CCTV and the Korea-China-Japan Regional Economy and Culture Association (President Kim, Gi Hak) held the ceremony to announce the Korea – China Extensive Cultural Activity Exchange Conference in CCTV Media Center, Beijing to broadcast the program “New World Experience – Attractive Korea” for 30 minutes weekly in total 54 episodes (ENG and Studio Production) from November 1 through about 660 channels in 202 countries including CCTV Old Story Channel, CCTV On Air Satellite Channel and CCTV Internet Channel.

China CCTV and the Korea-China-Japan Regional Economy and Culture Association show their desire, during the ceremony, to improve the friendship between two countries and to contribute to both countries’ active cultural developments by containing stories on beautiful views from each country.

Participated guests in this event include CEO Park, Seong Jin, Shooting-star Star Donation and Happy Star Entertainment, Chairman Song, Sang Dae, Korea M&A Association, Chairman Kim, Seong Mun, China Ecology and Culture Tour Association, Professor Ahn Yu Hwa, Advisory Researcher, Capital Market, International Financial, Korean Government, Chairwoman Geum, Jeong Ju, Nokwonhoi, Miss Korea Association,

The event was open with celebration greetings by President Kim, Gi Hak and Zeung Tsekunbi representing China CCTV. CEO Park, Seong Jin at Shooting-star Star Donation and Happy Star Entertainment, Chairwoman Geum, Jeong Ju, at Nokwonhoi, Miss Korea Association, Korea’s representative designer Park, Hye Rin, H.O.T.’s Lee, Jae Won, Group Rockies and Kim, Su Ah were appointed as Promotional Ambassadors during the ceremony. And the ceremony was closed with the flamboyant sings and performance of Rockies.

Through this event, practical level discussions on plans and performances of large scaled projects such as various content productions and the establishment and operation of Hallyu Training Center in English Village, Paju, Gyeonggi-do as symbols of cultural exchange between Korea and China were conducted so that the event became to perform as an acceleration drive in opening a new chapter of Korea-China cultural exchange.