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Korea’s Largest Scaled Hallyu Training Center Opens in November
Name : Admin 2014. 11. 24

Korea’s Largest Scaled Hallyu Training Center Opens in November



[TV Report = Reporter Kim, Myeong Seok] Recently, while Hallyu is making the cultural trend globally, the number of international travers visiting Korea is increasing because of Hallyu along with the increasing number of foreign visitors intending to participate in training programs of Korean entertainment productions. However, demands for such Hallyu training and experience are not fully satisfied yet.

To satisfy demands of foreigners to learn and enjoy various Hallyu culture, Happy Star Entertainment and with ‘Gyeonggi-do’s Foundation, Gyoenggi English Village have been promoting the large project that has been hidden behind the veil, the establishment of “Global K Center’.

“Global K Center’ project is expected to be a support for the international tourist attraction and the vitalization policy for Hallyu contents business announced by President Park, Geun-hye. The center also is forecasted to become a national business exporting Hallyu in full scale.

The preparation process to open “Global K Center’ in early November is performed in full scale now. Happy Star Entertainment (CEO Park, Seong Jin) and “Shooting-star Star Donation” the operator of large scaled concert for last 8 years based on numerous stars’ talent donation announced that they have entered MOU confirming the mutual strategic cooperation followed by the main agreement with Gyeonggi-do’s Foundation Gyeonggi English Village Paju Camp (President Kim, Jeong Jin) and plan to establish “Hallyu Training Center” in Gyeonggi English Village Paju Camp.

Training courses of ‘Global K Center’, the field of education covering Korean culture in overall are composed of K-Pop, K Model, K Beauty, K Drama and K Fitness. Former member of H.O.T. Lee, Jae Won is selected as Dean of K-Pop and famous designer for Hallyu stars Park, Hye Rin is positioned as Dean of K Model. Moreover, 120 professional vocal, dance and physical trainers having star qualities and capabilities based on their sufficient experiences on training many idol stars of Korean entertainment giants join the center to start the first course opening in early November for international students dreaming to be the next generation’s Hallyu stars. .

Happy Star Entertainment (CEO Park, Seong Jin) expresses its pledge. “We establish ‘Global K Center’ as a star cadet school to develop future talents to lead the globalization of Hallyu and a field to experience Hallyu securing the continuity of Hallyu. By preparing with Korea’s largest facility, star trainers, systematic training courses and administrative staffs, we will make Mecca of Hallyu through partnerships with important broadcasters and famous productions.”