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H.O.T.’s Lee, Jae Won Now Dean at Hallyu Training Center
Name : Admin 2014. 11. 24

H.O.T.’s Lee, Jae Won Now Dean at Hallyu Training Center



Former member of Group H.O.T., singer Lee, Jae Won will become a dean at Hallyu Training Center.

While the fever of K-Pop becomes hotter in worldwide, the establishment of Korea’s first “Hallyu Training Center” aiming at the globalization of Hallyu and the development of professional artists is under promotion.

Happy Star Entertainment and “Shooting-star Star Donation” the operator of large scaled concert for last 8 years based on numerous stars’ talent donation, have entered MOU confirming the mutual strategic cooperation with Gyeonggi-do’s Foundation Gyeonggi English Village Paju Camp and plan to establish “Hallyu Training Center” in Gyeonggi English Village Paju Camp.

Happy Star Entertainment is speeding up the preparation process including the star trainer selections for each course, the establishment of training curriculum and the arrangement of lecturing facility based on its know-how from various developments and managements of many entertainers in the past and the network of stars in “Shooting-star Star Donation”.

Training courses of “Hallyu Training Center” will be composed of K-Pop, Model, Beauty and Drama. For Dean of K-Pop, a former member of the first Hallyu star group H.O.T. Lee, Jae Won and for Dean of Model, Designer Park, Hye Rin famous for costume coordination for various TV dramas including “Men rather than Flower” and costume designs for many Hallyu stars such as Rain, Lee Hyori, Dongbangshingi, SS501 and 2PM are appointed. The trainer group is built with those famous deans and other specialists fully equipped with the star quality and capabilities with their careers as vocal, dance and physical trainers for current K-Pop Hallyu Stars.

H.O.T.’s Lee, Jae Won and Fashion Designer Park, Hye Rin are invited as Promotional Ambassadors with Health Idol Group ‘Rockies’ and famous show hostess and singer Kim, Su Ah to the ceremony of Korea – China Extensive Cultural Activity Exchange Conference held hosted by China CCTV and the Korea-China-Japan Regional Economy and Culture Association (President Kim, Gi Hak) on 24th in Great Hall of the People of China.

Reported by Choi, Jim Sil